Development of customized online tutorials

Development of Customer Tutorial

What are tutorials?

Tutorials refer to interactive online courses offered on computers, and have many advantages:

• Learners can study at a time that suits them, with no need for coordinating times or arranging for teachers.

• In-person learning - even for large groups of workers.

• Each learner can study at his or her own pace. 

• Uniformity: each student receives exactly the same content.

By using tutorials, you also save on logistical and operational resources.

At Hugo - Combined Knowledge Distribution Tools, we specialize in personalized tutorials for clients at organizations and businesses.

We have the experience to work with our clients and design digital tutorials customized for their needs that include professional information, messaging, and their unique corporate culture. 

During development, we stay focused on the end user – the employee studying by himself or herself on a PC - and work to create interactive, well-designed, and interesting tutorials that ensure a superlative learning experience.

Our team's experience, skills, and flexibility let us develop premium-quality, customized tutorials for your organization from the ground up, at competitive prices.

And of course, our tutorials are designed professionally and tailored to match your organization's branding, colors, messaging, and culture.

We can create tutorials in multiple languages, including Hebrew, English, Russian, and Spanish.

Tens of thousands of learners from all economic sectors use our tutorials: in academia, the public sector, high tech, and industry... Our clients

We are a one-stop-shop! We handle all stages of development: content creation, production, and a digital learning management service for clients and their management.

For screenshots of our range of tutorials: Contact us online or call 972-77-2304400


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